A very skilled, certified and Professional with remarkable experience in Facility management; Hospitality management; Crisis management and business continuity spanning over a decade. I have been a hands-on Team Lead and have watched the company grow to become one of the leaders in the facilities management sector in Nigeria. 


Justina Harbor is an extremely organized person who has a keen attention to details and the flexibility to work with different aspects of a business. She has provided an oversight position on the growth and profitability of SA Facilities Ltd, especially on areas of expense control, staff management, goods production and department supervision.

Mohammed M. Momodu


A professional with a keen interest in efficient management of non-core services and corporate cost reduction. He has a sound ability to deliver procurement/ facilities management roles. He has a BSc in Estate management and Masters in Facility Mgt. Has worked with the United Nations and British council in the Discipline.

Our team of tested and trusted hands has the practical, industrial, commercial and administrative competencies to operate and manage hotels in Nigeria irrespective of location. Being a unique and profitable hotel and asset management outfit, we parade professionals, tested and trusted hands, seasoned hospitality experts that understand the hotel special touch: creativity without losing the traditional essence of hospitality. We apply our expansive experience and expertise in hotel management and consulting to stabilize hotels experiencing business hiccups as well as give flawless standards to newly built hotels to ensure a higher standard, due in principle, to being directly involved in the daily management and achieving the targets required to fulfill our financial obligations

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