The management and staff of SA Facilities are committed to the continual improvement of the services and products we provide and strive to deliver quality standards. The company recognizes that desired quality standards are only achievable with the help of a skilled and motivated workforce.

SA Facilities is certified to Hilton University, AM Facilities which has an affiliation with IFMA and British Institute of Facilities Management which enables us to demonstrate commitment to quality. All activities of business that directly affect quality are examined and assessed.

Measures for ensuring Quality – To implement quality assurance, SA Facilities follows company organizational procedures that have been established to comply with current legislation. These include reports, forms, audits and other quality assuring activities. Our quality assurance is prevention-driven, in that the goal is to prevent a lack of quality.


We maintain a full complement of on-site personnel to cater for the various needs of our clients. The on-site personnel also have adequate backing and support from the office. Our services include an on-site Help Desk facility with capacity to provide 24/7 emergency call out services


SA Facilities Ltd with Okjina Investment Ltd as the parent Company is also a hospitality consulting outfit owned and managed by dynamic and forward-looking Nigerians. We are one of the leading hospitality management and consulting outfits in Nigeria. The company parades a mixed cocktail of highly experienced and exposed and dedicated professionals, who have been schooled in genuine hospitality and tourism tradition. Since commencing business, we have rendered high level of professional services in the field of hospitality and tourism to the satisfaction of our clients.


We are committed to building long term relationships with our clients, investors, and guests by providing steady, positive results in constantly changing economic environment. We have assembled an experienced, tested and trusted management team capable of achieving focused objectives. Each Member of the company’s senior management has an average of 10 years experience in all segments of the hospitality industry: experience acquired working in Hilton International Chain. We have proved successful in the set-up, opening, takeover, re-positioning and optimization of hotel operations.

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