Project Management

Project Management (Ongoing) - International Business management Institute, Berlin, Germany.

Maintenance strategies

Maintenance strategies development and operations control. 2016

Relationship and Client

Relationship and Client Management for Facility management. 2016

Africa Hotel Investment

Africa Hotel Investment Forum, Nairobi Kenya. 2012

Hilton Employee

Hilton Abuja Employee of the Month - November 2007

Hilton Star bond

Hilton Star bond – Award on Professionalism (October and November 2007)

Service Excellence

Service Excellence Training (Customer Relations) Hilton Abuja Training.   2007

Commercial Management

Commercial Management Course – Hilton Rotterdam, Netherlands.    2006

Professional Telephone

Professional Telephone Handling – Abuja Hilton Training.   2005

Hilton Information Technology

Hilton Information Technology Champions Training.      2004

Professional Facility Manager Course.

Professional Facility Manager Course. From 2016 (Ongoing)

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management. 2016

Transition Management

Transition Management. 2016/17

Facility Auditing

Facility Auditing. 2016/17

Transition Management

Transition Management. 2016/17

Hilton Employee

Hilton Employee of the Year 2007 with exposure to Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Complaint Handling

Complaint Handling – Hilton Abuja   2007

Leadership at Hilton

Leadership at Hilton. 2006

Hilton University,

Hilton University, United States of America (2004-2009).

Effective Communication

Effective Communication Training – Hilton Abuja Training.   2004

Fidelio Training

Fidelio Training (Computer Program) – Hilton Abuja Training.   2002

Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment Training – Global Environment Health Solution 2009.

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