The scope includes:
Schedules and budget evaluations
Value engineering, accuracy
Checks on cost estimates
Weighing project alternatives
Co-ordination of project.

We provide hotel and Facilities management services to owners and investors.

Safe Assets Facilities LTD


Safe Assets Facilities offers you the benefits of many years Facility and Property management experience on a global scale.

Rose Garden Events Centre, Benin City.

SA 2

SA 3

SA 4

SA 5

SA 6

SA 7

SA 8

SA 9

Our hotel management services include but not limited to

Finance analysis and risk management, 
Furniture, Fitting and Equipment Needs analysis.
Hotel and building Construction and renovation Projects,
Hotel Operations and Management
Hotel branding,
Human Resources Management,
Sales and marketing,
Training and Development,
Strict Monitoring and evaluation,
Quality assurance,
Staff Recruitment and placement,
Sales and Marketing.
Revenue Management.
General Supply and Merchandise

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